What is SurveyCloud?

SurveyCloud opens up new dimensions in personal interviewing and survey management. We deliver cutting edge solutions for both small and large organizations with a reliable and scalable data collection platform. It provides easy and transparent real-time interaction with the field, backed up with the most reliable server side services, without any upfront investment.
SurveyCloud is not just a single Android application, but a broad field-work management system that gives you direct control of survey design and data collection even for the most complex questionnaires without the need for any additional programming or softwaredevelopment.
Our survey workflow management system enables you to follow the field-work step by step, starting from checking the general numbers of the project all the way to the GPS based tracking of interviewers with a detailed on-map view. SurveyCloud provides wide range of innovative monitoring tools to help you in keeping up with market’s latest requirements.
  • Full built-in data consistency, validity and sample checking
  • Centralized data management, real-time interaction with the field
  • GPS based tracking of interviewers
  • Full multimedia support
  • Own designed questionnaire with advanced routing logics
  • Ready-to-use export formats for both the data and multimedia files
  • Multilingual environment (unique character handling – right-to-left support)
  • Easy adaptation for every kind of working environment
  • Flexible and cost effective licensing options