SurveyCloud is dedicated to provide innovative solutions for both qualitative and quantitative researchers in marketing or opinion research. The downloadable app is built on remotely controlled client-server architecture and runs on any Android device in both online and offline mode.


SurveyCloud does not only facilitate error-free data collection during the interviews, but also provides all the quality control possibilities of surveying and quota enforcement from the interviewers. Installing SurveyCloud takes only about a minute. Field work without internet access or 3G connection is also supported: when you work offline, results are stored on the device.
GPS satellite reception remains enabled in offline mode, so coordinates are also stored with survey results. When the device can initiate a data connection, the stored results are automatically uploaded to the central server. Interviewers can enter through a secure login page with their own account. A single user account can have multiple surveys assigned to it.
Running the field work in a CAPI environment is not just a cost effective (and green!) measure, but the best way to go when reliable data is required just-in-time. Mistakes are completely eliminated as every check and routing logic is built into the questionnaire itself.