Project management

You can build up your project team here!

  • subscriber admin: user management
  • admin: project management, questionnaire design, general sample and quota management
  • instructor: on-site assistance of the field-work, direct sample assignment
  • user: field-worker, tablet-user
Determine their role, language attributes and place them in your management network. A project manager is assigned to each project, and additional admins/instructors can be added, who play key role in the day-to-day management. You can also create your interviewers profile with the mass-uploader tool. Members of your project team can be customized within minutes. You can determine their general settings attributes. Multiply projects can be assigned to users through the project management system so they can participate in several projects simultaneously.
The address (sample) and user management also belong to that part entirely. You can rely on various sampling modules, based on external database (registry) or reverse geocoding of randomly generated co-ordinates in any user designated area. Interviewers are supported with online and offline maps in order to find those pre-assigned addresses. You can organize the launch of your project from the same page. With adding the main features (project period, title, used languages, sampling method, questionnaire, contact sheet, respondents’ criteria, etc.) The sample size and contact attributes can be determined as well.
Project data is also available from here, not just after the final approval of the field-work so the management can have an insight to the project at different stages.sadmin_1