We provide a number of different options to participate our trainings. As an element in the set-up fee, we offer to visit at your place of business to train your management team, as well as your interviewers. These trainings allow you to quickly familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of SurveyCloud software solutions.


Our experienced professionals have held training all across Europe, Middle-East and North-Africa and developed a long standing training procedure. During trainings we use the latest technology in order to ensure that our clients gain that insight they need conduct a successful survey.

SurveyCloud supported surveys and field work projects vary in nature and topic. The data collection work, run by SurveyCloud now covers a considerable area, which shows the adaptability of our system and professionals. We are proud of being able to offer solution for all those who work in unusually field-work environment such as Djibouti, Yemen or even the Gaza Strip.